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Gifts From Above

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We know friends come and go. We know that at one point we may have shared ourselves to those friends who are near us, who by chance or by fate we’ve cross path with. Those tangible friends at the workplace, school or even our current neighbors. You wont treat all your friends as true friends the moment you meet them. Everything starts when you realize you’re building a relationship with them and  there will come a time or a moment that you just start being true to yourself and to them.

 A Red Velvet Cheesecake 🙂

Today, I would like to take the moment to thank a couple of friends I’ve been building relationship with for almost everyday this past few years. Thank you for the thoughtfulness and care. Thank you to the one who gave me a black branded polo shirt last year and to the one who surprised me with a red velvet cheesecake, it made my day. I would also like to thank the person responsible in me getting off work early. You might be Mr. Frownalot  but we can see that you have a  caring heart and when you’re happy we can also see the child in you. I wont mention your names, but you know who you are. I may not always be present in your ups and downs lately, but I will always be here to knock some sense in your heads whenever you need me to. Thank you for the gift of friendship.

I would like also to thank each and everyone who until now laughs in my not so funny jokes and listens to all the nonsense I say everyday.

Lastly, I would like to thank my lovely wife and kids for keeping up with me, keeping me grounded and loving me more than I deserve.  I will be making a separate article for us.

Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.  One day our paths may part ways. We may lead different lives and can no longer find the chance to talk again. I will always recall the moments we shared together. Those moments for me are the little gifts from up above.

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